How Cindy Kicked Sugar to the Curb and Got Her Health Back on Track

When Cindy came to us she knew it was time to clean up her diet and get off the sugar train. The good news is that she recognized what sugar was doing to her; she just didn’t feel she could break the habit without guidance and support. That’s where we knew that we could help Cindy to kick her sugar habit and get her back to healthy eating and healthy sugar free food habits.
So, what’s the problem with sugar? To start with, it is in everything we eat and it is wrecking havoc on our bodies. We eat way too much sugar and that can lead to a number of health issues. Sugar causes inflammation in our cells and inflammation leads to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. Excess sugar intake also leads to obesity, which has been linked to cancer.

What did we do to help Cindy?

Talked About It The first step was to sit down with Cindy to talk about where she felt she was going off track. From there we were able to start a plan.  

Looked at Habits Next we took a look at four days of Cindy’s eating habits and patterns. This told us a lot about why she was feeling unwell and tired all the time.

Set some Goals To get Cindy on track and keep her moving forward we needed to discuss her goals related to her health and wellness. Once Cindy was able to verbalize what was important to her we were able to move to the next step in her healthy eating reset.  

Devised a Concrete Plan To help Cindy get off of sugar and get back on track with healthy eating we needed to create a manageable and complete plan that worked with Cindy’s goals.  This was where we created a 5 Day Meal Plan that eliminated sugar from Cindy’s diet, gave her healthy alternatives and got her back in the kitchen preparing her own foods where she could control what she was eating.

Discussed the Results A week after giving Cindy her Meal Plan we met again to talk about how Cindy was feeling and if her Meal Plan was helping her. Cindy noticed that within a few days of starting her Meal Plan she no longer wanted sugary foods. Everything that contained sugar tasted super sweet and was too much for her new sugar free palate. And, she was trying new foods and was cooking again. But, the biggest change she discovered was in her energy levels. Cindy was no longer experiencing the waves of sugar highs and lows that left her depleted and reaching for more sugar to pick herself back up. The results were in and Cindy was thrilled to be back on track and feeling awesome!

Changing how you eat can be a life changing experience – literally! Cindy’s life changing nutrition experience is just one example of how making one change can make a big difference in your health and well being.